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Nov 7, 2012 6:00am EST
of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: a much more reserved somber environment at mitt romney's campaign headquarters last night in massachusetts. now the former governor there spoke around 1:00 a.m. that's almost two hours after the first projects came out that he was -- projections came out that he was probably going to lose that race. excerpts and a half hour at 6:30. the big question this morning heading into you know the next year and president obama's next four years in office is will he be able to do more in his second term given the fact that we still have a republican controlled house? here on capitol hill? back to you. >> all right, kristin fisher thank you. there were also some critical issues that marylanders voted on yesterday. one of the most controversial? gay marriage. it passed 52% to 48%. now the state will be the first to approve same sex marriage by popular vote. there's also the dream act ballot which passed 59% to 41%. undocumented immigrants are now allowed to pay in-state
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
will the hispanic vote surprise america on election day? heavily courted by both presidential candidates. when we return, we'll take a look at how the latino vote has become a core of the u.s. election scene. >>> howard here with your weather first and a cold but dry election day. we start with maybe just a couple of cloud here and there, but overall a sunny day. we'll have temperatures in the middle 40s at lunchtime, struggling to get close to 50 degrees and your 5:00 p.m. temperature 45. i'll be back in just a few minutes, talking about tomorrow's nor'easter and the rest of the seven-day forecast. >>> in hipa valley, accident cleanup continues on route 1 just south of the mount vernon highway affecting both directions of route 1 there. 95 looks pretty much like this coming up from newington to springfield. i'll also have more coming up on an accident in manassas at 6:15. mike. >> thank you, monica. >>> both presidential candidates we've seen them court hispanics in this election. it's one of the country's fastest growing demographics. in fact, latinos make up about 10% of the electorate. max i
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
stories deep from north america's longest underwater traffic tunnel. that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> wow. all right. charlie we'll be watching thank you. >>> well, again, we're seeing it over and over again. it's moving up and down the east coast. and the nor'easter is dumping a foot of snow. in some areas even more. >> the storm moving ashore in the same location where the superstorm hit. kristin fisher is live in the airport. >> reporter: good morning. well, between 1200 and 1300 flights have been canceled across the northeast over the last 24 hours all because of in nor'easter. now, the worst of it was really felt yesterday afternoon and evening. we're seeing some progress. but take a look at the departure board over here and you can see we still have one, two, three, cancellations heading into new york, laguardia and newark airport. but look, there are quite a few flights that are on time. so we are seeing some progress. but this has been a major major hiccup for a lot of business commuters. now as frustrating as it may be for flyers, this is nothing compared to the frustr
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
in the election is that america is becoming so much more diverse. >> absolutely. >> that diversity is being celebrated but how much does pop culture have to do with daughters still picking the other dolls sometimes rather than the pretty brown dolls? >> i think that as a society we still have a lot of work to do. we're still seeing images that don't reflect women of color in the media, in mag seens, as princesses and everything like that. so it's important that we really address that early. so that it doesn't stem into issues when they get older. >> sheri crawley has addressed thattish, the line is -- that issue. the line is called pretty brown girls, the book. all of these things come. howard? >>> i'm outside on the weather terrace on this chilly morning and you're probably not familiar with lazytown. it's a great kids show that started in iceland. now in 49, 50 countries? >> this is sportacus. >> that's right. >> well, tell me what it is. >> sportac us is a super energetic guy who -- he's a little bit above average. he goes like this. jumps like that. and all kinds of stuff and hangs out
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4